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Whether you are a parent, a high school orchestra teacher, director of a community music school, or private teacher...


I work directly with clients to create engaging workshops for music students that provide meaningful and fun exploration of teamwork, leadership, communication, interpretation, and more.

Below are a selection of seminars I created and facilitated as Director of National Outreach Programs at NPR's From the Top. Please contact me (using the form on the right) with any inquiries. For more on my approach to teaching and coaching, visit my blog here.



seminar offerings 

"TO BE DETERMINED: learning leadership through improvisation"

Classically trained musicians are being called on more and more to step outside the traditional concert hall settings, finding new roles for their music, and building a portfolio career - yet classical training encourages them to “follow the score,” tracing the footsteps of those who came before them. This four-part seminar surveys the qualities and skills that allow leaders in the arts to be effective even where the path is not clear. Through a sequence of team-based improvisation exercises and discussions, participants will develop an awareness of their defaults in new and novel situations, a greater comfort with creative risk taking, and tools to help them take action in the face of/moments of uncertainty.

"Reimagining the Orchestra as a Community Resource"

Evolving funding priorities, audience interests, and digital technologies have challenged arts leaders to boldly reimagine what is next for American orchestras. This session puts participants in the heart of the conversation. Through a fast-paced roundtable format, participants are invited to a thought experiment: what would it look like for an orchestra to truly be a community resource? The group will explore real world examples, highlight key challenges and opportunities, and debate the role of individual orchestra members in building what’s next for their ensemble.

"Audience Engagement without the Gimmicks"

From eclectic programming to speeches, ensembles across the country are innovating around how to engage diverse audiences. But what is really at the heart of audience engagement? This presentation-meets-roundtable discussion explores the details that make a difference: simple practices in planning and execution that ensure a powerful shared experience for yourself and your audience.

"Putting the 'Artistry' in Teaching Artistry"

Often, musicians see their identities as performers and teachers as separate, feeling they must take off one hat in order to put on another. This clinic for music education majors, challenges that notion, highlighting the potential benefits for the students and teacher of bringing one's own musical practice to teaching settings. Through hands-on activities, discussion, and reflection, participants deepen understanding of what it means to be a teaching artist, learning ways to embed their own music-making in teaching to build relationships, engage students, and model concepts.