• Flutistry (map)
  • 801a Tremont St
  • Boston, MA, 02118
  • United States
Come help me recognize and celebrate composers whose voices are shaping and being shaped by the city of Boston. 

Your city on tap, a newly renovated listening space, and a whole lot of cello - what else could you need to kick of a Saturday night? (Don't worry, food and good company are included in the package).

Tickets on sale here. RSVP here. To learn more about the Juventas New Music Ensemble, check out our website.

What to expect

  • Arthur Berger, “Duo for Cello and Piano” (1951)

  • John Harbison, “Suite for Solo Cello” (1994)

  • Kati Agocs, “Versprechen (Promise)” (2004)

  • Stephanie Ann Boyd, “Fantasia Olora” (2008)

  • Ian Gottlieb, “Medium” (2012)

  • Robert Honstein, “We chose to go to the moon” (2013)

The menu here is music that really lets the cello sing, from Ian Gottlieb's primal "Medium" which builds off the incredible resonance of a drop-tuned cello (and features chopsticks in the third movement); to Robert Honstein's "We choose to go to the moon," weaving a stark but emotionally rich fabric around JKF's speech on going to the moon; to hometown hero John Harbison's 1994 "Suite for Solo Cello", a work with strong references (and timely departures) from the Bach and Britten solo suites.

There is great stuff happening right here in our hometown, so instead of seeking out music from around the world, this event looks next door. More than a strict concert, this is a space where folks can discover, examine, and discuss the music up close as well as meet and build relationships with the composers themselves.