One man. Three verbs... (and other commonly used sequences)

You may have noticed a handy three word series appearing on the side of each page. I admit the three-verb-catch-phrase concept is no longer unique. They are used all around us like POWER WORDS that attempt to capture what drives an organization and makes it special. And I wonder when everyone is doing it, whether these words really communicate as much as we hope.

On the one hand, as guiding ideas, verbs can infuse a lot of meaning into a page, subtly raise questions or establish context for the visitor. But these words require context of their own. Without a unified and recognizable brand or story to match them, it is more likely that they will make it look like you are simply joining the crowd rather than communicating a carefully decided message.

With that in mind, I share what they signify for me because one year after choosing these particular words, I find they still resonate strongly in my daily work. They help me stay motivated, continue to grow and experiment. Essentially, they work!

  • Reflect - tool to make meaning, track thinking, clear the mind
  • Create - reminder to continually invent and reinvent, keep things fresh and alive
  • Engage - top priority in any work is to engage others as a doorway to collaboration or buy-in

What do you think? Do they work for you? If not, what words guide you?