"Hmm. This looks different."

Friends, let me take a moment to share where the concept for this website came from and  explain what this site is meant to do.

**I recommend turning on this Cuddle Magic song while you read. It kept popping into my head as I was writing :)

VERSION 1.0 - michaeldahlberg.com (2008) 

For a little background, the site you are currently visiting is not my first "small business" website. In conservatory (before nearly every human being and their cat had an online profile) I was advised that every musician needed a web presence.  I thought this made a lot of sense - as in other areas of life, just showing up was 90% of the game - so I created one.

I bought a domain, michaeldahlberg.com, from a mysterious domain service, asked a friend with experience in design to make a website template and gave her the necessary media, photos, and write-ups. Long story short, that site, with its joyful photo of a 19-year-old Mike Dahlberg, smiling on the side of every page, sat on the internet for five years and in that time, I did not update it, I received perhaps six emails through the message function, and heard no one refer to it after the first two months (except for family scolding me for having it be outdated.)

VERSION 2.0 - michaeldahlberg.net (2014)

Six years later, I am committed to trying something different. I want to take another stab at a web presence, but do it with more intentionality. With that, I am making my thinking visible here (a practice I have learned from a mentor of mine) by sharing my hopes for this site. 

This introductory paragraph from the home page sums up the big goals:

This collection of resources, thoughts, and media is shared with two goals in mind: to bring together the various components of my work on and off the stage and to contribute to the conversation on the place of music in our society.

But with this site, I also attempt to:

  • Challenge the idea that a musician's website is just a "placeholder" on the web
  • Deliver more than a portfolio of my work, leaving visitors with ideas, media, questions that they may take into their lives
  • Direct people away from the site, off the web, off their computers, and to LIVE EVENTS
  • Promote the cause of sharing and experimentation!
  • Focus more on YOU, the visitor, than on myself (this one is still a work in progress...)

A few things that this site is not intended to do:

  • Replace other outlets for exchange
  • Convey the whole picture about me and my work
  • Prove anything (as much as I wish it could)

There is more this story, to be told in a follow up blog post. For now, I'll leave you with the words of Cuddle Magic.

“how could this [site] be more/than musical decor...”
— Cuddle Magic